Gallagher Bassett

A project management case study

Probity Consulting managed the integration program for New Zealand’s largest third-party claims administrator when it recently acquired a new business.

Project name: Integration of TriEx

Client: Gallagher Bassett New Zealand

Location: National

Industry: Finance and Insurance

Description of project:

Gallagher Bassett (GB) New Zealand is the largest third-party claims management company in New Zealand. GB is part of a worldwide organisation that undertakes a wide variety of insurance management, adjusting and assessing activities. In 2017 GB identified TriEx Health Safety & Wellness Ltd – a health, wellbeing and safety organisation for acquisition.

Probity was engaged by GB to assist with the acquisition and integration project, having previously assisted GB with an acquisition that took place in 2016.

Probity’s role was to coordinate and manage activities with:

  • GB in New Zealand, Australia and the US
  • TriEx management and advisors
  • GB’s advisors for the acquisition including accountants, lawyers and security consultants.

We managed pre-acquisition activities to achieve due diligence and purchase finalisation within a tight timeframe and then post purchase integration including:

  • IT integration
  • Premises consolidation
  • Transfer of the TriEx team into GB including payroll, structure and culture
  • Integration of operations, customers and processes
  • Financial integration
  • Marketing and branding
  • Communications, both internal and external.

GB used a number of stream leads from within the new and existing businesses to undertake the activities required to achieve a successful integration.


Probity was engaged between October 2017 and April 2018 on this assignment

Benefits delivered:

  • Probity bought a range of templates and methodologies to facilitate the integration
  • We were able to help GB and TriEx team members understand how their integration stream fit within the overall integration of the new business
  • Probity worked closely with the IT team in Australia to ensure the IT migration and set up of the TriEx team happened efficiently and with minimal disruption
  • Project deadlines were met so that the strategic objectives of the acquisition were met.

Craig Furness, Managing Director.

“We engaged Probity because of their past experience. They were able to work with our team in a positive way to ensure that the stress and anxiety of the integration was minimised, and they also ensured that both TriEx and GB teams were able to achieve their assigned goals within the integration. Probity’s program manager was able to offer a variety of advice and assistance across a range of functional areas such as IT, communications, finance and premises.”

Craig Furness

Managing Director

Gallagher Bassett New Zealand

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