Spectrum Care – HRMIS Case Study

Replacing payroll and HRIS, and introducing Workforce Management and Recruitment modules, integrating three different systems in a concurrent implementation.

Project name: Project Phoenix

Client: Spectrum Care

Location: Auckland and Waikato

Industry: Supported Care

Description of project:

Spectrum Care’s existing payroll/HR system was inefficient, not fit for purpose and faced an extensive upgrade implementation, which would have delivered no additional functionality or system improvement. The organisation, therefore, chose to replace the flawed system with a more fit-for-purpose solution, which offered the added functionality they desired.

Following an extensive requirements-gathering and RFP process (led by Probity), three vendors were chosen by Spectrum Care using a best-of-breed approach to cater to the organisation’s need for a replacement payroll/HR system, as well as additional functionality such as integrated learning and development, electronic timesheets and rosters, and a recruitment system.

The successful vendors were Frontier Software Ltd (payroll/HR), Allocate Software Pty Ltd (workforce management) and AOTAL Ltd (recruitment).

The implementation project involved concurrently installing all three systems and ensuring an efficient interface with the finance system. It also included training end users, change management, award interpretation (based on collective and individual employment agreements), the installation of biometric time clocks and thorough testing of all aspects.

With the help of internal subject-matter experts supplied by Spectrum Care, the Probity team was able to ensure the systems were fit for purpose, comprehensively integrated and thoroughly tested.

The project was delivered to specification, within budget and on time, with one additional payroll ‘parallel run’ to ensure absolute confidence in the systems.

Timeliness of delivered services:

The implementation project ran from September 2015, with go-live 1 April 2016 and through to May 2016, which included a close out phase.

Benefits delivered:

The systems have since been well integrated into the organisation and efficiencies within the payroll team have been significant. Furthermore, timekeeping accuracy has been measurably improved (due to the use of biometric time clocks) and process automation significantly increased. The recruitment team also experienced higher efficiencies in their processes.

For Spectrum Care as an organisation, these systems have made a marked difference in the speed of payroll processing, along with increased confidence in the accuracy of timesheets and actual time worked. The introduction of the new systems has created a supportive environment for further technology based efficiencies and additional functionality is likely to be welcomed by the workforce, which has become accustomed to the new way of operating.

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