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We have now finished the latest round of our AI & Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) seminars which were held in Auckland and Wellington.

If you were unable to attend but would like to find out more about how to use RPA and AI in your organisation, please get in touch via the          Contact Us page. We can either set up a one-2-one meeting for you or arrange a bespoke RPA overview for a wider group within your organisation.

Otherwise, watch this space below for our regular social media updates.

LinkedIn – Wednesday 20th May 2020:

Budgeting in times of crisis 

A large number of finance teams around the country will currently be attempting to forecast the financial impact of Covid-19. Predicting the financial impacts of economic factors such as a potential decline in demand resulting from unemployment, conservative spending behaviours, the uncertainty of supply and the changing landscape of employment costs as working from home becomes more accepted.

Budgeting in times of crisis is extremely difficult and requires all organisations to become very agile in their planning and budgeting. Having the right tools to run and compare multiple budgeting scenarios adds significant benefit in times like these.

For more information on how to source and implement such highly flexible planning and forecasting tools, contact Barry Carruth Managing Director at Probity Consulting on 04 499 6024.


LinkedIn – Monday 11th May 2020:

How can RPA help you? The benefits of Robotic Process Automation explained by Taino Bendz, Lead RPA & AI Consultant at Probotics.


LinkedIn – Monday 4th May 2020:

@home series with Barry Carruth Managing Director at Probity Consulting.

What has surprised you the most about working from home?

Despite the team suffering from isolation syndrome at some point, we have found that clients and our team are able to interact more than adequately from home, using the many digital tools available. In fact over the past three weeks we have engaged with one client and through a series of virtual workshop, involving a number of the client’s staff, we have been able to complete a request for proposal document for a new FMIS system. Similarly we have completed designs for three robots, as well as deploying two new robots into production remotely for two separate clients. All from the comfort of our own homes!

What steps have you taken to ensure the well-being of your staff?

We have found that running virtual stand-ups, virtual morning teas and regular calls into staff, especially those working from home alone, keeps the organisation connected and maintains morel.

What will you miss the most when returning to the office?

The five steps it currently takes me to reach the coffee machine!


LinkedIn – Wednesday 29th April 2020:

What can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) do? Taino Bendz our Lead RPA & AI Consultant at Probotics explains.


LinkedIn – Thursday 23rd April 2020:

Will Covid-19 forever change how we work and live?

The enforced lockdown has necessitated people to learn how to meet, shop and socialise in a different way. The question is how many of these newly acquired behaviours will remain after the lockdown is over (level 0). I suspect that many of them will. I have had clients already talking about reviewing their travel behaviours and budgets, as people have learnt to become more accepting of video conferencing. People who had previously shunned on-line shopping, have learnt to adapt and having made that first initial foray into the online world, will likely continue to use it. One organisation we work with closely has had a staggering increase in on-line trade, with many new customers setting up accounts with them.

Yes: I expect the world will not be the same. This could be the beginning of an evolution of the digital age.

Barry Carruth Managing Director at Probity Consulting 


LinkedIn – Friday 17th April 2020:

RPA in 60 seconds – What is Robotic Process Automation? Taino Bendz our Lead RPA & AI Consultant at Probotics explains.

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