Highly functional and efficient core systems will drive your business success.

Probity’s consultants have been improving, replacing and enhancing core business systems since 2001 and have unrivalled experience and knowledge of the technologies available in the New Zealand market.  We are able to give expert and independent advice to clients on how to improve return on investment from core systems.

We offer a wide range of services including implementation, search and selection, reviews and advice on improvements to current technologies. In addition, we can advise on processes and team make up in the functional areas that drive these systems.

What makes us different from the rest?

Probity understands that effective and efficient core systems are made up of people, processes and technology, and that they are only as good as the weakest of the three. We work with business to address shortcomings in any or all of three dimensions that contribute to efficiency (people, processes and systems).  We understand the linkages that occur within a system, and know that one part of a system cannot be changed without impacting and affecting the other parts of the system. Our consultants work with our clients to improve systems holistically.

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Talk to Nigel Rawson on 04 471 6995 for ERM and CRM and Tom Robinson on 04 471 6994 for FMIS

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